Kaieteur Tub Faucet, Brushed Nickel

Kaieteur Tub Faucet, Brushed Nickel


Kaieteur Freestanding Tub Faucet

The backdrop is a high reaching shower handle and flat extending spout. Kaietuer's modern spout design may conjure images of the back and seat of modern lounge chair.



Modern Craftsmanship

Helix Bath’s Kaieteur (ki-eh-toor) – a modern freestanding faucet, designed with sharp square angles throughout. A perfect compliment to the simple curves of contemporary free standing tub designs. A unique feature of Kaieteur is the lineal flat water pipe versus the commonly arched appearance. A hand shower and single water control valve keep it simple in appearance and use.



About Brushed Nickel Finishes



Brushed Nickel is sometimes referred to as Satin Nickel. It is a high quality alloy with less reflective more subdued nature than chrome. It is similar in appearance to brushed stainless steel or brushed aluminum. Brushed Nickel is considered a premium finish for a variety of hardware items and lends itself exceptionally well to clean modern accessory detailing.


Product Design Features

  • Installation Type
  • Faucet Centers*
    Single Hole
  • Faucet Handle
    Lever style
  • Features
    Gooseneck design, Hand Shower Included
  • Surface Finish
    Brushed Nickel
  • Body Material
  • Handle Material
  • Tube Material
  • Handset holder material
  • Handset
  • Shower Hose
    Stainless steel
  • Stand
  • Shower Type
    Integrated hand held shower with square nob diverter
  • Center to center reach*
  • Floor to spout height
  • Floor to top
  • Base Diameter
    5.9" circumference
  • Freestanding Installation
    Mounts to wood or tile floor with included mounting plate
  • Plumbing installation
    Includes flexible metal braided hose for under-floor hookup
  • Thread connection*
    3/8″ National Pipe Thread (NPT) connection under floor
  • Usage
    Approved for heavy duty residential or commercial
  • Weight
    13 lbs.
  • Warranty
    1 year limited warranty
  • Compliance
    CUPC®. Compliant with American & Canadian codes & standards. swatchClick to view.

Center to center reach: This is a term used to provide the measurement for the distance from the body to the outer arch of the faucet. In other words, this provides the distance from the center of the uprising tube to the center of the tube where the water exits the faucet. This is typically general information used to indicate how far from the edge of the tub the faucet can be placed while still allowing for the water to exit the faucet and fill the tub.

Faucet Centers: This is distance from center of hot water to center of cold water faucet. In the case of a freestanding tub faucet, this distance is the center of the hot water to center of cold water pipe where they meet at the floor. In the case of a single tube or "single hole" faucet this measurement is irrelevant.

Thread connection: This is simply to indicate the size of the thread connection for the incoming water that the water faucet is designed to screw into. The standard size will be designated by the abbreviation NPT or National Pipe Thread to signify the standard used. Adapters are used if the water source size does not match the faucet thread connection size.